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silicis  |  elevating your career

Are you looking for a small-company culture where you can have a significant & rapid impact on a daily basis? Look no further. Our team is empowered in every way with the necessary tools to build, deliver, and maintain the industry's leading tactical aerostat platform. 



Fielding solutions for those sitting on the tip of the spear has to happen in months not years - at silicis you'll be part of a fast paced, highly rewarding environment.  Every team member in every role contributes to Si's goal of keeping those safe that keep us safe.

Innovation can happen fast

Software Engineer

Instantiator & arranger of objects composed of 1's & 0's. 

Technical Assembly

Sculptor of avionics & envelope masterpieces.

Mechanical Engineer

Our da Vinci of the lighter than air world.

Open Submission

Are you a bull fighter, lamplighter, or Tony Hawk? 

We'd love to see your resume!

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