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Unmanned Aerial Systems have reshaped military force protection. Silicis realized the need for a tactical system that could best serve our nation's Warfighters. The ALTUS aerostat has proven to be a major asset in protecting our forces downrange and providing the ISR capabilities necessary to complete their missions.


Flight hours 


Tactical Aerostat Systems deployed


Feet, MSL, Maximum deployed launch site elevation


Years of Si support & training for the US ARMY 


COP & FOB closures supported in Afghanistan during 2014 draw down


Percent, Operational Readiness Rate, 2014~2020


The ALTUS system was a major success and provided our operations additional security that would have not otherwise been accessible due to the reduced number of rotary and fixed-wing assets in the theater.  The system not only proved valuable as an ISR platform but also as a counter IDF deterrent.  As a plans officer I could not have been happier with the ease at which the system deployed and it never saw down time aside from weather and standard maintenance.

11A Infantry Officer

Task Force White Devil - AFG

US ARMY Rapid Equipping Force FSR

We had a jail break last night so whole FOB has been up since like midnight. 10 angry prisoners running amok on a FOB that has been all torn apart so it took a while to catch all of them.  If you can believe it they actually dug their way out of the Afghan jail and had a prayer rug hiding the spot.

ALTUS caught them though! What’s interesting is they did this the day after the PTDS came down. There is an outdoor area that gave them a view of the big balloon. The PTDS never went back up so they figured it was time to jet. They did not know about the ALTUS flying behind the jail, caught all of them.  Just sat there with the TASE and cleared, crazy.

US ARMY Specialist, Iraq

We used the ALTUS outside the wire and it was often the only aerial asset we had control of.  It covered our ass more than once, flew great, we needed it up there.

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