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silicis technologies inc

Founded in 2008, Silicis Technologies is a developer of tactical unmanned aerial systems and related technologies, most notably the DURUS and ALTUS. Our strong team of engineers continue to develop innovative products and the underlying embedded technologies that power them. Our agile structure allows a quick development cycle to turn new ideas into prototypes within hours. We are proud to be serving our nations Warfighters and are relentless in our pursuit to make our systems smarter and more efficient.

Silicis Headquarters

R&D and Manufacturing

17225 Westfield Park Road

Westfield, IN  46074

Silicis Testing & Training Center

7925 East 160th Street

Noblesville, IN  46030

Headquarters - Conveniently located 25 minutes North of the Indianapolis International Airport, Silicis can provide rapid solutions in an everchanging landscape. Our in-house capabilities include full airframe manufacturing, software, firmware, electronics & wire harnessing, CNC machining, and additive manufacturing. Additionally, multiple bench-top and full-system testing bays allow for 24x7 testing of key components to ensure robust reliability and performance.

Testing & Training Center - Located less than 15 minutes from our Headquarters, our dedicated testing and training site allows development, training, testing, and demonstration flights year-round. The close proximity to our R&D and manufacturing site allows new designs and sensor payloads to be rapidly integrated and tested.



Silicis saw a need for a tactical system that could provide force protection for our military in some of the world's most sensitive sites.  The partnership with the REF and United States Army helped shape the first Silicis platform, the ALTUS.

This lighter than air system has been effective at providing ISR capabilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 8 years of deployment Silicis saw the need for a more advanced tactical solution. By reinvesting millions into the company, Silicis has developed the DURUS system to be this next generation solution supported by a 36,000 square foot facility with a 93 acre testing and training center.

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