What Makes Silicis and ALTUS Different

Silicis Technologies Inc takes many unique approaches during the design process. We are not afraid to approach the design or prototyping of our ideas in a nontraditional manner. Whether it is due to our advantage of being a small tech company or creativity forced by necessity, our autonomous systems benefit from the innovation. A few of our design principles are as follows . . .

The Right Index Principle.

All of our systems must be operated with an absolute minimal amount of training. Our target customers, whether it is a police officer, Warfighter, or disaster first responder cannot be impeded by the assistance of our technology. We strive to make sure that all it takes to functionally use our systems is only the user's right index finger. If our end user can poke around on a touch screen and our systems fly flawlessly then we have
accomplished our goals as engineers.

Simple. Refined. Available.

Extra design time is spent to minimize the number of parts used.  This aids in manufacturability, cost reduction, reliability, and serviceability.  We are constantly looking for creative ways to do a more simple and refined system.  If four HD cameras and two workstations can be replaced with a single board camera and a PC104 board we'll spend the extra development time to get there.  This philosophy allows us to pursue much smaller and more inexpensive designs.  Finally, Silicis utilizes commercial off the shelf parts and systems when available.  If a part is already available and fits our                                                                                                              needs we take the role of a systems integrator which                                                                                                                   drastically increases our system reliability and decreases                                                                                                            the overall design cycle.


We already have and will continue to pursue a development team with highly diverse experiences.  This principle allows us to cover all necessary disciplines in house and create a high level of cohesion amongst our engineers.